Win a NOOK Contest – The Rules

I had some prob­lems with feeds, which I think have been resolved. You might have to sign up again for RSS feeds. Email and Net­worked Blogs should be working.

Because things were con­fus­ing, I’m going to repeat the rules. More elab­o­rate details are here. And, because of the glitches, all entries as of May 12th are counted, even if they weren’t exactly “right.” DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS JUNE 10TH


1. Fol­low the blog in some fash­ion.
2. Sign up for my Newslet­ter
When you’ve done these 2 steps, use the Con­tact Form to let me know you’re enter­ing. Put “Nook Con­test” in the sub­ject line. It’s fine if you’ve already done these; just be sure to send me the mes­sage so I know to add you to the contest!

Optional: (for extra entries)
1. Leave a com­ment on any blog post. Include the words “Nook Con­test” in your com­ment.
2. Answer the Nook ques­tions using the Con­tact form. These ques­tions will appear in var­i­ous posts through­out the month.
3. Leave a review of any of my books at Ama­zon or Barnes & Noble. Use the Con­tact form to point me to it.

34 thoughts on “Win a NOOK Contest – The Rules

  1. What a great thing to do. I have fol­lowed the blog by email and signed up for your newslet­ter for your Nook con­test. I have just recently found your books and have been enjoy­ing them.

  2. How about your books on a Nook..please. Tks for the oppor­tu­nity to win.

  3. Heard about your Nook Con­test on Tar­tan Ink. I love the way you authors help each other. Being sent by Tar­tan Ink is a good rec­om­men­da­tion for me. Con­grat­u­la­tions on all the suc­cesses you are cel­e­brat­ing!!! May you have many more.

  4. Love you books. Thanks for the give­away! I want to thank Tar­tan Ink for let­ting me know of your give­away. I fol­low you on twiter, face­book, google+, newslet­ter and blog.

  5. I found out about your won­der­ful Nook Con­test on Tar­tan Ink. I also signed up for your newsletter.

  6. Tar­tan Ink sent me here today. Please enter me in your Nook Con­test. I’m on your mail­ing list for your newsletter.

  7. A Nook Reader. I want one to read my e-books then I don’t need to carry my lap­top with me all the time.

  8. Thank you to Tar­tan Ink who pro­moted your blog and I love to join your con­test. As Malaysian, I can’t buy Nook ereader from Barnes and Nobles. I wish I have ones to carry all my library :-)

  9. Thanks so much for the con­test. I fol­low by email and I sub­scribe to the newsletter.

  10. I’m excited about your Nook Con­test and am doing all the extras so I can have more entries. I’d love to have a Nook, my daugh­ter has one & loves it.

  11. Heard about your Nook Con­test, I would love to win one. Your books are great.

  12. Read all the Sarah books on vaca­tion love your writ­ing! Fol­low you on Face­book too! Thanks

  13. Hello, I been up very late look­ing through all your books. When fig­ur­ing out what order the Find­ing Sarah books go I acci­den­taly came across this page! Yahoos!! I started read­ing com­ments, blogs and reviews and now the sun is start­ing to come up. I just read my first book by you and well I loved it. That’s what got me started on look­ing into more of your books and I was lost from then on. I also read infor­ma­tion on NOOK CONTEST!!! What a treat to win one to use as I have a lot of doc­tor appoint­ments for my kids. The wait­ing time gets so long. Would be GREAT to enjoy a NOOK when in town wait­ing or at home relax­ing with my fam­ily. What an awe­some way to get read­ers to take time to invest in your great books and pro­mote read­ing. I don’t know if I entered cor­rectly to win THE NOOK but I am hope­ful I did. We read a lot as a fam­ily so AWESOME it would be to be able to share it with the kids. My son is hav­ing a test this week where he has to sit still for about 45 min to hour what a bet­ter way to help him pass the time read­ing from A NOOk!! I am hooked on pine police books, Find­ing Sarah, Hid­den Fire etc. they pull you in and leave you wait­ing to start the next one. These books relax your mind from daily stress. Its like a mini mind vaca­tion that doesn’t end when fin­ish­ing first or sec­ond book!!! Thanks for the vaca­tion time:)

    • Thanks, Sue, and glad you found me, and that you’re enjoy­ing my books. I try to write them so peo­ple can “go some­where else” for a while, and it’s grat­i­fy­ing to hear that it worked out that way for you.

  14. Thank you. I have signed up, and I would like to be entered into the Nook con­test! I think an e-reader may assist an ail­ing shoul­der! Thanks again. And thank you for remem­ber­ing Memo­r­ial Day.

  15. Terry thank you for rememer­ing and thank you for host­ing the Blog on edit­ing. I am signed up for the blog and the newslet­ter. Hope to win a NOOK I’ve got in pc for­mat but that’s not that easy to tote around lol. Hope you have a great week. HUGS.

  16. Hello, just wanted to let you know that I included your give­away on my lat­est blog post. Hope that’s alright! :)

  17. Well, Here I am again.… Still enjoy­ing my way through your books!! My spe­cial time to go on my very own mind vaca­tion!! What a long last­ing one this has been since start­ing these books. Din­ner was late 3 times this week. This all started late one night look­ing for that great book to read and ended up with lots of great reads by you and the chance at the NOOK CONTEST was just icing on the cake!! I have wan­dered through many places online learn­ing about Terry and her many books.….. blogs, newslet­ters, ama­zon etc leav­ing my thoughts, reviews as I go! Crazy you have been here the whole time wait­ing for me to find these great books although I do have to say the dis­cov­ery was excit­ing! As a lot of my friends don’t have face­book or do blogs etc. I decided to share another way.… Txt mes­sag­ing! I just for­warded author name (Terry) and book titles and have fun read­ing! We all pass books we have bought back and forth, now we are txting authors and titles. You never know when you will find that book to buy you been wait­ing to read! Pop up the txt mes­sage and if no one has got that title yet CA~CHING we buy it. Word of mouth about a great author does not show online but trav­els fast in the “read­ers world”. It will show in the area of book sells. Any­way, read­ers txt your friends an fam­ily!! Just another great way to pass on the enjoy­ment of these books with added bonus of a chance in the nook con­test. Long winded post but when I get excited about some­thing GREAT I love to share!! THANKS TERRY (I am cur­rently enjoy­ing my way through “When Dan­ger Calls”)

    • Thanks SO much, Sue. It’s great that you share books and authors you like–word of mouth is still the best way to make peo­ple aware of good books.

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