Friday Field Trip — Moab

My son led a photo safari to Moab, Utah last week. Hub­ster accom­pa­nied him and has shared some of the pic­tures he took.

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17 thoughts on “Friday Field Trip — Moab

  1. Lovely pic­tures!

    For some rea­son (and maybe it was some­thing on my end), your feed hasn’t been show­ing up in my Google Reader, although I sub­scribed right away. I just resub­scribed to the RSS feed (was reminded that I hadn’t been get­ting your feed when I saw you’d posted from your old blog.)

    • Eliz­a­beth, I know, and I wish I under­stood why there’s a prob­lem. I hope it’ll be fixed (I have a sup­port ticket in, but it’s not get­ting much atten­tion.) Mean­while, I hope you’ll remem­ber to come visit … per­haps sign up for email noti­fi­ca­tions until the bug is exterminated.

  2. Beau­ti­ful pho­tos. I def­i­nitely need to plan a trip to see Moab. It is not too far from me :-}

    • My daugh­ter is on her way there for a 24 hour relay race. I’ve never been.

  3. I like the diver­sity in your posts. I’ve only been in the Den­ver air­port, but my daugh­ter lived in Boul­der for a year. Totally a sur­prise as she’s such a surfer girl (she’s back in Kauai). The land­scape in Col­orado is spir­i­tual — no won­der John Den­ver loved it there. R.I.P.
    I’m also a Crim­i­nal Minds, CSI, Cold Case sort of gal and intrigued by foren­sics. I even like the word.
    I’m no cook so why do I col­lect recipes? If I actu­ally made all those meals, I’d prob­a­bly weigh 500 pounds!
    What blog ser­vice are you using? I’ve been want­ing to set one up but know noth­ing about how to do so. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Judy — I try to have some­thing for every­one. I’m using Word­Press. I just “moved” over here, and it’s a learn­ing curve.

  4. I’ve vis­ited this part of the world and loved it. Thanks for shar­ing your pho­tos. The con­trast of the red rocks and sky is just stunning.

    • Thanks go to Hub­ster. I was in charge of the home front (but I did use the ‘alone’ time to get some writ­ing done.)

    • I’ll let him know … he’ll be pleased, since he’s play­ing sec­ond fid­dle to our son here. (Kathy, I edited your com­ment to remove the answer to the ques­tion. Those should be sent to me using the Con­tact form, so oth­ers can’t take advan­tage of your hard work. But I’ve still added your entry.)

  5. Those are amaz­ing pic­tures. That looks like a nice place to visit.

    Nook Con­test

  6. Absolutely gor­geous pho­tos and now I want to visit Moab. Look­ing at such gor­geous pic­tures is a great way to get me to com­ment & get another entry in your Nook Contest.

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