Relax, It’s a First-World Problem

Sarah Scott, author

Today I wel­come Sarah Scott to Terry’s Place. Sarah is the author of Lies at Six, a mys­tery steeped in the South and TV news. She lives in Ash­ford, Wash­ing­ton where she owns and man­ages the eco-lodging Cedar Loft Cabin at Mt. Rainier.

Per­spec­tive can be all, can’t it?
Next time, after I’ve cued the “Oh me, oh my” sound­track, I hope I’ll press pause. Is the dif­fi­culty of the moment truly calami­tous? Or is it just a quandary of priv­i­lege? In other words, is it a First-World prob­lem? I came across that line last year, and it’s been my per­cep­tual yard­stick since.
In Jan­u­ary, I found myself com­plain­ing about costly, pokey, and some­times non-existent inter­net ser­vice. I did this, mind you, from my state­room on a cruise ship tour­ing the Vir­gin Islands. Now that’s a First-World problem.
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St. Patrick’s Day in N. Ireland



My daugh­ter lives in North­ern Ire­land, and I thought I’d repeat the post she shared about the hol­i­day for last year. It’s NOT corned beef and cabbage.

St. Patrick’s Day is truly a world-wide hol­i­day, and here in North­ern Ire­land we cel­e­brate with the best of ‘em. Belfast puts on a big carnival-style parade, com­plete with floats and musi­cians. Most peo­ple have the day off work and schools are closed. The bars and pubs will be teem­ing with peo­ple, as you might expect. It’s a big day out for adults and chil­dren alike. And with any luck it won’t rain that much. But a lit­tle rain rarely damp­ens the spir­its of the locals.
Yes, as you might expect, there is a bit of a polit­i­cal prob­lem with the event. You will always have a small minor­ity of peo­ple out there try­ing to prove some point by being dis­rup­tive. How­ever, the police expect that and for the most part, the big cel­e­bra­tions go off with­out a hitch. I have a few friends who make a habit of try­ing to catch any “mis­be­hav­ior” on film, as I know many ama­teur photographers.
Other than per­haps some pipes and drums, you aren’t likely to hear what most Amer­i­cans would call “tra­di­tional” Irish music. No one will be singing “Danny Boy” or “Four Green Fields”, but it’s a good day out for most all the same. And you won’t find corned beef and cab­bage on a menu any­where. That’s a purely Irish-American inven­tion. Irish stew, soda bread, wheaten bread, and col­can­non (mashed pota­toes with cab­bage and ham) are more likely to be found. And please don’t look for green beer. Don’t pinch some­one if they’re not wear­ing green. Just grab a pint of Guin­ness, Smith­wicks, or Harp and a wee dram of whiskey and relax.
And, for the record, it’s “St. Pat’s” or “St. Paddy’s”. Never call it “St. Patty’s Day”. Patty is short for Patri­cia, while Paddy is short for Patrick!

Tips for Guest Blogging

What I’m read­ing: Ignited, by Kaylea Cross

Poster-FollowDirectionsOne of my tasks as a mem­ber of Booklover’s Bench is to man­age the con­tests. Many of our authors offered Kin­dle, Nook, or other e-book down­load for­mats as their prizes. When win­ners were noti­fied, they said, “I don’t want it; I don’t have an e-reader.” So why did they enter?

So, today, I’d like to take a moment to dis­cuss some­thing that should be a given for adults. Fol­low­ing direc­tions. Very soon, I’ll be open­ing my blog to guests for the next quar­ter. I enjoy hav­ing other view­points on my blog, and, frankly, enjoy hav­ing some­one else come up with a post for me. Should be a time saver, right? After sev­eral years of host­ing guests, I’ve learned that this isn’t as sim­ple or intu­itive a task as it seems.

Per­haps guests have no under­stand­ing of what it entails to put up a post. Rarely is it as sim­ple as “copy and paste” onto the plat­form. And, part of the idea of host­ing guests is to reduce my work­load, not increase it.

To make things eas­ier, and to cut down on time and effort with back-and-forth emails to guests I came up with guidelines/instructions for being a guest on my blog. They’re not really all that com­pli­cated. If you’re look­ing to be a blog guest any­where, here are some tips:

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Taking Time Off

birthday cakeI decided that I would cel­e­brate my birth­day with a day off from blog­ging. I’ll spend time read­ing, maybe plan­ning my next book, and get­ting ready for Sleuth­Fest in Orlando on Thurs­day. The blog will carry on as usual for the rest of the week, but today, I’ve got a gift for you. I’ve uploaded a never-before-seen scene from Nowhere to Hide. This is Colleen’s arrival in Orlando, one that never made it into the book. In fact, other than my cri­tique group at the time, nobody’s seen it.

And, a cou­ple of other gifts:

I still have some audio book coupons for free down­loads from All you have to do is ask. Plus, if you missed it, Find­ing Sarah is free at Kobo and Smash­words; 99 cents at Ama­zon, B&N and Apple (only because they won’t let me set it to free).

If you want to give me a present, how about a “Like” on my Face­book page if you haven’t already done so.

Hope every­one has a great day.

Tomor­row, my guest is J.R. Lin­der­muth, who’s shar­ing tips for writ­ing press releases that get used. I know I’ll be back. How about you?


Happy December 25th

Here’s my annual “not-really-Christmas” post. Hope your day, regard­less of what you cel­e­brate, is a good one.




Chinese Restaurant Sign

Hidden Fire audio book by Terry OdellAlso, I just found out that Hid­den Fire is now live as an audio book. You can find it at now, and it’ll show up via Ama­zon and at iTunes soon. Some­thing to lis­ten to while you’re trav­el­ing for the holidays.

Looking Ahead

What I’m read­ing:  Don’t Say a Word, by Bar­bara Freethy

Happy Holidays

                        Happy Hol­i­days from my house to yours

I imag­ine most of you are bogged down with hol­i­day prepa­ra­tions, travel, tak­ing in guests, being a guest, etc. It’s also a time when we start to look for­ward to the next year. I’ve been think­ing about next year, and thought I’d share a few things that I’m planning.

First, this blog has some great guests lined up for the first quar­ter of 2014. There’s always a list of recent and upcom­ing guests in the side­bar. I’m plan­ning to con­tinue recipe shar­ing (and always look­ing for more) and Fri­day Field Trips should resume in Jan­u­ary (always look­ing for pho­tos, too!).

Nook Simple TouchMy next quar­terly newslet­ter will go out the first week in Jan­u­ary. If you’re not already a sub­scriber, I sug­gest you click the newslet­ter tab in the side­bar and fill out the form. (Note – it’s a 2 step process, so once you hit sub­mit, watch your email for the con­fir­ma­tion and click through on that link.) What will my sub­scribers have in store? In addi­tion to sneak peeks and other exclu­sive con­tent, I’ll be con­tin­u­ing my con­tests and give­aways, full of things from me and from authors I know and enjoy. Also, there will be some great prizes, includ­ing a Nook Sim­ple Touch. Take a moment and sign up now.


I’ve also got another box of books to give away when I hit 2000 “likes” on my Face­book Page. If you haven’t clicked the ‘like’ but­ton yet, I hope you’ll do that, too.

I’m still think­ing about a “Street Team” and have been col­lect­ing lots of gifts for those who join. Watch this blog for more infor­ma­tion as things come together.

Thanks for stop­ping by. I’ll let you get back to your hol­i­day prepa­ra­tions and cel­e­bra­tions! But please find time to stop by tomor­row when Elaine Cantrell is in the Inter­view Room.

The Rule of Three and a Potpourri

red pencilI’m over at The Blood-Red Pen­cil today, where the Decem­ber sched­ule is run­ning favorite posts from the past. Hope you’ll pop over.

There’s still time to enter Kay Kendall’s give­away. Scroll down to Tuesday’s Post.


Booklover's Bench logoThe Booklover’s Bench Decem­ber con­test is open for entries. Con­test runs through the 18th. Enter to win.



Whats In A Name? by Terry Odell Audio CoverI’ve still got some audio book coupons for What’s in a Name? I’d love a review in return, but it’s not required. You can lis­ten to the first chap­ter at Sound Cloud if you’d like a pre­view. (And there’s a like but­ton there, too.)


And, a spe­cial Thank You! to all my read­ers who have kept Dan­ger­ous Con­nec­tions in the top 5 Action-Adventure Romances at Ama­zon. You’re the best! (I’d love reviews there, too).  Dangerous Connections by Terry Odell





My Fri­day Field trips are going to take a vaca­tion for the hol­i­days. If you have pic­tures to share for next year, let me know.

And, lastly, I’m open­ing up blog spots for 2014. Use the con­tact form if you’d like to be my guest. Still Tues­days, and still a choice of arti­cles or inter­views. Read­ers as well as writ­ers are welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah

Menorah, night 2, photo by Terry Odell







Or, Happy Thanksgivukkah.

This year, Hanukkah coin­cides with Thanks­giv­ing. I wish all of you a safe and happy hol­i­day, no mat­ter what you’re celebrating.

I’m thank­ful for each of you who takes the time to stop by my blog.

My gift to you is a new addi­tion to The Cut­ting Room Floor sec­tion of my web­site. With the release of What’s in a Name? as an audio book, I’ve uploaded the orig­i­nal, first draft ver­sion of the first chap­ter. You can read it here.

Friday Field Trip — NINC at Myrtle Beach

I was in Myr­tle Beach last week for the NINC (Nov­el­ists, Inc.) con­fer­ence. Given the logis­tics of the hotel’s loca­tion and the way the con­fer­ence kept us busy with work­shops, I didn’t get out much. But I thought I’d share the very basic “what it was like” type pho­tos. Noth­ing artsy, noth­ing fancy, just ‘where I went on my non-vacation.’

First, after check­ing in, I went up to my room to check it out and found one of my favorite hotel ameni­ties in the closet.

Marriott Hotel Robe
The room was billed as one with an ocean view, so I checked that out, too.

Myrtle Beach via Terry Odell
Next, I decided that since this was my only free time, and the only time the weather was going to be warm, I’d walk along the beach.

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